House of Virtue was founded in 2018 by Yasmin Menezes Silva a Brazilian spirit raised in the heart of Italy. It wasn’t until she moved to Paris that the desire to start a fun, inclusive, female reality through fashion came to be. The name was inspired by a safe space where women are free to express themselves and encourage one another, a House of Virtues.


Most of our pieces are designed by our team in our small atelier in Milan. We aim to create pieces that mend femininity and edge through the use of bold silhouettes and vibrant colors. A trendy outtake on every-day pieces. 


Almost all pieces are handmade by our small atelier in Italy. We try to ensure
the materials used for our collections come from sustainable productions around the world. Our accessories line is also hand beaded in Italy with semi-precious stones and metals.


Our Vintage collection is done in partnership with Brazilian Maria Clara Iorio. Maria has been reinventing vintage in Brazil since university, it
was not until she moved to Italy that she joined the HOV team. All pieces created by Maria are upcycled from vintage finds around the world (Milan, Paris, Brazil). They are unique pieces hand edited in Italy. 


The paper used for our packaging is made from 100% recycled material.
Sustainability is important to us and we try to avoid any kind of waste. Please help us keep the environment clean and recycle your paper once your items have been received.